5 Important Reasons To Get Car Insurance For Eid Al-Fitr 2023

Jakarta – Taking a private vehicle back home to celebrate Idul Fitri is still one of people’s favorite options. To support this, it is important to pay attention to round trip protection, such as buying car insurance for safe and comfortable driving.

Car insurance can reduce losses incurred while driving. There is a lot of traffic on Lebaran’s return home, ranging from car damage that damages the vehicle as well as the driver to unexpected events such as accidents.

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According to data from the Indonesian National Police Transport Unit (Kurlantas Boli), 3,457 accidents occurred during Homecoming Day 2022. As a support fleet for repatriation travel, it is important to protect your car.

In the form of anticipating and minimizing these losses, Cermati believes it is best for vehicle owners to understand the importance of obtaining car insurance before making the round trip to Eid.

“Car insurance is an important option for vehicle owners to protect their vehicles and reduce losses, especially in case something undesirable happens during the return trip to Lebaran. Starting with understanding the types of protection, benefits and warranties for your vehicle and choosing the right insurance for your car, you can have a safe and comfortable journey until you reach your hometown”, Tuesday (4/18/2023).

Check out five reasons why it’s important to have car insurance to protect your travels during homecoming.

car accident insurance

A car accident on the way home from Lebaran is an unpredictable event that many drivers experience and suffer. Car insurance, which covers all risks, can provide comprehensive coverage for vehicles that have suffered minor or major damage in an accident, up to vehicle loss.

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Kurlantas Boli noted that there will be 6,707 traffic accidents in 2022 resulting in a loss of IDR 13 billion. Vehicles and their owners and passengers often suffered minor or serious injuries, requiring special protection to ensure this.

Double damage caused by a traffic accident is a concern for drivers to protect their vehicles by subscribing to automobile insurance. Personal accident insurance can provide comprehensive protection against the risks and depending on the amount of premium paid, so owners of this type of insurance can get the best treatment possible.

Vehicle warranties are not limited to protecting vehicles from the effects of damage caused by accidents or disasters beyond human control. The risk of losing a car from being stolen can also be felt by the owner when moving back and forth, leaving the car in a parking space or parking in the wrong spot.

What’s more, car owners can insure a car that’s been left at home for a long time while on the way home, so they can take advantage of this guaranteed protection in the event of a loss.

Total damage insurance is a type of auto insurance that can guarantee up to 75% of the vehicle price in the event of vehicle loss or major damage. Of course, there are a few requirements, such as up to 15 years of vehicle age and complete vehicle ownership documentation, to qualify for this warranty.

When driving home, you need to consider whether it is suitable for car use or requires maintenance, such as engine power and fuel economy. You should also check the health of your vehicle before going on a trip to avoid any losses during the trip due to engine damage.

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Long-haul vehicles require engine preparation for optimal operation. Enough fuel, oil and battery check, spare tire ready and basic toolkit and more. When insured, car owners can enjoy benefits such as visiting affiliated repair shops to perform engine maintenance.

The decision to drive home requires careful and thoughtful budget planning to make sure you don’t incur a loss. Gasoline, tolls and parking needs for the curfew, as well as car maintenance and other unforeseen calculations must be taken into account.

Car insurance can reduce your home budget because you have a guarantee that your car will be pampered for maintenance, and coverage for minor or serious damage is provided at a cost prepaid through your insurance policy. So you can reduce your travel budget. This is because return expenses are not only expenses for travel, but can also be allocated to other people, such as family expenses and holiday celebrations.

This protection is additional security to the primary coverage of your auto insurance product. This warranty can help car owners against a variety of unpredictable hazards that fall outside the scope of primary protection, such as natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes. In addition, increased coverage can protect vehicles from riots and other community-damaging acts that result in vehicle damage, emissions, or burning.

The coverage does not only apply to vehicles and drivers, but can also cover losses suffered by Kirehaya.com or other victims as a result of accidents and swerves. This protection is called Third Party Liability (TJHPK) because insurance can cover protection beyond primary liability.

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